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3 Male, 4 Female

Angeliki Zaphiropoulou Price: $14.95

Facing a mid-life crisis, Kathleen, the modern wife of Paul, an Editor-in-Chief of an evening newspaper in London and mother of Lily, a law student, expresses her discontent with the mode of living imposed upon her

But Kathleen surprises Paul, Lily, Harry, Lilyís fiancť, a lawyer and Rory, their faithful maid-servant when she doesnít hesitate to abandon her family and live with Robert, a famous, young sculptor in Hillingdon after their having mutually fallen in love at first sight

Conscious of the void that Kathleen also feels near him, Robert encourages her to become an independent personality through housework and artistic work, which helps her to react with dignity when their age gap is emphasized by the revenge of Alice, a model and Robertís ex girl-friend

Due to rumours about Paulís depression and her own conflicting sentiments, Kathleen finally returns home

Though she feels welcomed and pardoned, she still struggles against her strong emotional turmoil

Will Robert let Kathleen find her inner peace?

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