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Katherine Desouza

3 Male, 1 Female

Nick Stafford Price: $9.99

Katherine Desouza is missing, possibly murdered

Possibly by Kevin, possibly not

Languishing in prison for a series of killings of which he claims to be innocent, Kevin's regular visitor is his old flame Fay

Then Katherine's father befriends Fay to establish the truth behind his daughter's disappearance

But who is being used, and who is playing the mind games?

"It is Stafford's mission to suspend you in a constant state of uncertainty. He unwinds a skein of conversations in which everything you are told has to be taken on trust, yet none of the characters is entirely to be trusted ... each scene subtly erodes the assumptions behind the one before, until the only remaining certainty seems to be that the most we can ever know about another person is whatever tissue of falsehoods they choose to wrap themselves in" ~ The Guardian

"It is a play of moral ambiguity, of big questions with no answers, of loneliness, of uncertainty, of a certain justice, of elements of tragedy and redemption" ~

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