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Just Me - 100 Monologues for Teens

Phyllis C Johnson Price: $16.95

"Who am I?"

"What am I going to be?"

Phyllis Johnson offers these monologues to help teenagers find their answers

She gives reassurance to the young person who might be second guessing their calling as an artist or a teacher and fair warning to the troubled teen headed down the wrong path

With 50 monologues for girls and 50 for guys, almost every possible comedic and/or dramatic situation is brought to life by the student performer

And with so many humorous, quirky characters and themes from which to choose, there's a perfect monologue for everyone

These characters speak as teenagers live

Monologues titles include ...

I Want a Job
The Piano Recital
High Fiber
The Goth
Jagged Jasmine
The Tattoo Artist
I Want a Prom Date
The Family Reunion
About Race

And 91 more!

The monologues can be used for auditions, class assignments or discussion starters and will quickly prove a valuable resource for any theatre library

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