Just a Stage He's Going Through


Pat Cook

Published by Dramatic Publishing

4 Male 4 Female

This theatrical fantasy involves Dwight, an average guy, who wakes up in the middle of the night with a horrible feeling that he's on stage somewhere

He looks out and, sure enough, he is on stage somewhere

At least, that's what he sees

Unfortunately, the rest of the characters see the world as it should be - according to them, anyway

His wife, Blanche, simply wants him to go back to bed or go to work

When he does try to go to work, both his reality and the type of characters he runs into seem to get wilder and wilder

Until he ends up on a couch and talking to (who else?) Dr. Sigmund Freud ...

One-act - runs about 30 minutes


"Our audiences loved the humor as well as the thought-provoking subject matter" ~ Carrie Wood, Waller High School, Waller TX

"We often feel we're on stage and everyone is watching us and evaluating our performance, especially when we don't understand what is happening around us. The humor and pathos of this play make it appealing to adolescents and adults. The minimal set makes it a delight to produce" ~ Louise Mann, Martinsburg High School, Martinsburg, W.V.

"It was a great psychological analysis of characters" ~ C. Pearsall/G. Galloway, St. Thomas Episcopal Church, Houston, Texas

"Just a Stage tries to help us define who we are and what we are doing here through Dwight's absurd world. Quick-paced and funny, this play is perfect for young teen actors and audiences alike" ~ Laura Woods, Iron Horse Middle School, San Ramon

"The audience howled at Dwight's very first line! This was a very entertaining and humorous play. It grabbed the audience's attention immediately" ~ Margaret Jones, Tapestry Theatre Company, Alexandria

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