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Junior High School One-Act Comedies

Large Mixed Cast

Ruth Kelsey & Anne Coulter Martens & Jewell Bothwell… Price: $9.99

A great value collection of 5 one-act Ten-Minute Plays for middle school students

The 5 Plays are ...

The Case of the Glass Slippers ~ Anne Coulter Martens - M6,F5

In this amusing mock trial, there is much excitement over who stole the family glass slipper

Midge Goes to the Movies ~Jewell Bohwell Tull - M5,F4

Nobody wants to take care of the nuisance of a kid sister who wants to go. In the comical mix-up, a romantic misunderstanding gets straightened out and Midge goes to the movies

Selma Goes Psychic ~ Ruth Wilson Kelsey - M3,F3

Selma fancies herself a medium and neglects her lessons to forecast the future

The White Elephant Comes Home ~ Anne Coulter Martens - F5

One of Sally's birthday presents is a horrible picture. Sally gets rid of it but it doesn't take long for it to return home again!

Yellow Tulips ~ Anne Coulter Martens - M2,F4

Judy loves the new hat she has earned, but she sacrifices it for a pot of yellow tulips to bring Easter joy to a lonely old lady

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