Journey to the Heart of Music - An Investigation into the Fundamental Structure of Tonal Music - CD

Journey to the Heart of Music - An Investigation into the Fundamental Structure of Tonal Music - CD $13.99

Philip Perry

Published by Rosebay Publications

We all understand the common language of Music, but - like Nature's own tongue - it is a language encoded in numbers

This collection of Articles, Essays & Examples on CD in PDF format attempts to crack that code and uncover Music's fundamental and deepest level of meaning

Outlining the latest findings of a research project investigating the fundamental structure of tonal music, it presents ...

Table of Contents


Chapter 1 - The Heart of the Matter - Harmony and Mutable Numbers Chapter 2 - A Piano Tuner's Tale - Scales and Proportions Chapter 3 - Numbers in the Material World - Information, Computation and Entropy Chapter 4 - Three Domains of Music - Nested Oscillation Chapter 5 - Little Worlds - AWK and Cellular Automata Chapter 6 - The Full Cadence - The Algorithm of Symmetrical Exchange Chapter 7 - Nested Harmonic Series - The Format of Computation Chapter 8 - The Tonal Era - A Short History of Music and Music Theory Chapter 9 - Modulation - Modulating Oscillatory Systems (Overview) Chapter 10 - Prelude No.1, Well-tempered Clavier - J.S.Bach - MOS/MBN Examples Chapter 11 - The Minor Mode - Dualism Chapter 12 - Chord Types - Numbers in Music Chapter 13 - Points in Space & Time - Geometry, Mutable Numbers & Tonal Harmony Chapter 14 - Reflection - Harmonic Inversion Chapter 15 - Wider Horizons - Elements of Music? - from Particles to Planets Chapter 16 - Appendix A - Music Theory Toolkit Chapter 17 - Appendix B - Glossary 08 pages Chapter 18 - Appendix C - Mathematical Miscellany Chapter 19 - Appendix D - Examples Directory - AWK Scripts, Cellular Automata, etc


Examples of Reflection

Example A - Air from 'Giulio Cesare' - G.F.Handel - Score, Parts and MIDI file Example B - Gavotte - Jean-Philippe Rameau - Score, Part and MIDI file Example C - Gavotte - H. Thornowitz - Score, Part and MIDI file Example D - Fugue VII, Book II - J.S.Bach - Score and MIDI file Example E - La Follia - A. Corelli - Score, Parts and MIDI file Example F - Ricecar dopo il Credo - G. Frescobaldi - Score and MIDI file

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