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Annie Baker Price: $12.99

A mesmerising exploration of the frailty and loneliness of human experience from the Pulitzer Prize-winning author of The Flick

It's the week after Thanksgiving

A bed and breakfast in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

A cheerful innkeeper

A young couple struggling to stay together

And thousands of inanimate objects


A quietly evolving tale permeates with a kind of magical super-realism

This strange, uncanny play was first seen Off-Broadway in 2015 and had its UK premiere at the National Theatre, London, January 2018


"Baker’s true masterpiece" ~ Slate

"A claustrophobic drama that you can’t take your eyes off" ~ The Guardian

"John is positively gothic — mysteries within mysteries, ghost stories on top of ghost stories" ~ Newsday

"John" is a haunting and haunted meditation on topics Baker has made so singularly her own - the omnipresence of loneliness in human life, and the troubled search for love and lasting connection" ~ Charles Isherwood - New York Times

" ... so good on so many levels that it casts a unique and brilliant light ... By not rushing things—by letting the characters develop as gradually and inevitably as rain or snowfall — Baker returns us to the naturalistic but soulful theater that many of her contemporaries and near-contemporaries have disavowed in their rush to be 'postmodern" ~ New Yorker

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