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Jekyll Hydes Again!

5 Male, 5 Female

Jack Sharkey & Dave Reiser Price: $9.99

This is the tale of Junior Jekyll, fresh out of medical school, who arrives to clear up his late father's estate and rediscovers Formula Number One, the dangerous potion that turned Dad into Mr Hyde

Junior is soon ears deep in a mess - wanted by the police, plunged into poverty, in love with the lab assistant and - worst of all - engaged to marry Grumby's rotund daughter Gretchen

As Hyde he encounters a saloon singer who knows the secret of Jekyll's Formula Number Two. By show's end Formula Number Three is unearthed and all ends happily for everybody except nasty old Grumby. This show is ebullient; the dialogue is priceless and the songs range from frightening to charming to hilarious

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