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Jack Thorne Plays One

Jack Thorne Price: $24.95

A Collection of 7 hard-hitting contemporary drama from one of the most distinctive talents working in theatre today

Acclaimed for his screenplays for TV dramas including Skins, Shameless, The Fades, This is England '86/'88/'90 and Glue, Jack Thorne first emerged as a writer of unflinching, compassionate and often challenging plays for the stage

He is now one of the most distinctive talents working in theatre today

This collection begins with When You Cure Me a painful – and painfully funny – play about being very young and in love and coping with serious illness all at the same time

"One of the year’s finest pieces of new writing" ~ Evening Standard

In the monologue play Stacy, twenty-something Rob tells the story of a confusing couple of days in which everything in his life seems to have gone wrong

"A pin-sharp, brilliant piece of work" ~ Time Out

2nd May 1997 distills all the euphoria and despair of New Labour’s landslide electoral victory into three stories told with "... quiet profundity and verve" ~ Telegraph

Bunny is a white-knuckle ride through the streets of contemporary Britain, written for a solo female performer

"Terrific" ~ Scotsman

Red Car, Blue Car is a heartbreaking short play about guilt, grief and responsibility

And finally Mydidae, a two-hander set entirely in a bathroom presenting an intimate account of the darker side of love which hits audiences " ... like a punch in the gut" ~

The collection also includes a revealing introduction by the author describing a period of intense creativity

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