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it felt empty when the heart went at first but it is alright now

0 Male, 2 Female

Lucy Kirkwood Price: $12.99

A beautiful new play that explores the life of a young eastern European as she finds herself drawn to the darker side of London while remaining eternally optimistic and romantic

"I know exactly how much I am worth. I am worth one thousand euros because that is how much Babac paid for me. To put this in easy language, that is like two-and-a-half iPhones"

This female two-hander is an ideal piece for young actors looking for new and challenging audition material

" ... unflinching ... theatre that provokes in the best way, without lurid melodrama or sentimentality, but with wit and tenderness ... demands that we watch and listen" ~ The Times

" ... superb ... deeply painful and profoundly disturbing" ~ Aleks Sierz, The Stage

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