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Iron Kisses

1 Male, 1 Female

James Still Price: $9.99

The story of an American family ...

... of a son who made up for being gay by being perfect, a daughter who treats her daughter the way her mother treated her, a mother who struggles to love her two children equally, and a father who started missing his son while he was still a little boy

In a revealing theatrical twist, two actors portray the siblings as well as their Midwestern mother and father as the complex nature of love, family and marriage in the 21st century is explored

Alternately heartbreaking and funny, this story is about the mysteries of family and about how the roles we play are as inescapable as they are comfortable

It's about people doing the best they can, how families evolve, how they grow up, and how they can surprise us if we let them

Unit set, runs about 90 minutes

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