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Into the Woods - 2 CDs of Vocal Tracks & Backing Tracks

Stage Stars Recording Price: $29.95

A favorite Sondheim musical, Into the Woods was nominated for ten Tony Awards when it debuted on Broadway in 1988

These Vocal & Backing tracks on 2 CDs are recorded in the original show key and tempo

There are 36 tracks on this album - Tracks 1-18 contain the background tracks and guide vocals, and Tracks 19-36 contain the background tracks alone

These CDs are of particular value to those of you preparing to stage the show or preparing to audition

They enable the performer to learn a song by singing along with the vocals and music, and then practice their technique accompanied only by the backing track

The CD will work in any CD player and there's a booklet of the lyrics enclosed in the CD jewel case

Click and listen to a Sample of any of the 18 Songs ...

Hello, Little Girl
I Guess This Is Goodbye
I Know Things Now
Giants in the Sky
It Takes Two
Stay With Me
On the Steps of the Palace
Finale - Act I
Witch's Lament
Any Moment
Moments in the Wood
Your Fault
The Last Midnight
No More
No-on is Alone
Finale - Act II

Please note, this is NOT the Original Cast Recording

Also, for copyright reasons, on this occasion lyrics are NOT included

The Script/Libretto and both Full Score and Vocal Selections can be purchased separately by clicking here

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