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In the The Venus Arms - A Diabolical Farce in Three Soul-Searching Scenes

4 Male, 2 Female

Edward Crosby Wells foreword Robert Patrick Price: $9.95

This black comedy features the playwright himself. Spiritless, Wells is threatened by the night manager of The Venus Arms, a residential hotel, with permanent dispossession, leaving an empty,‘though very animated body

Four literati arrive to perform an "inorcism" (as opposed to an exorcism) to restore Wells’s spirit

Gertrude Stein and Alice B. Toklas along with Oscar Wilde and Marcel Proust raise havoc while trying to raise the consciousness of the subject of their inorcism in this fun-filled, clever and very diabolical farce

And Franz Kafka, the night manager, keeps popping up in the form of a cockroach seemingly intent on the playwright’s doom

WARNING - Read at your own risk. Or, you could find yourself possessed and living in The Venus Arms — permanently !

One Set - Limited to Professional Rights Only

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