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In the Middle of Grand Central Station

Large Mixed Cast

Nancy Pahl Gilsenan Price: $9.99

It's the crossroads of New York. It's the hub of Manhattan. It's old. It's beautiful. It's dirty

It's a noisy, anonymous, unforgettable point of departure for hundreds of thousands of people every day

Grand Central Station is the perfect place to visit, but who'd want to live there? Hundreds of people, many of them penniless and all of them lost, call Grand Central home

This is the story of one, a 15-year-old runaway named Marta de Silva. Loosely based on the true story of a young woman who lived in Grand Central for four years, this play examines the search of one very intelligent, warm and troubled human being to find a place of her own in a disintegrating social system

From a broken family, to city psychiatric wards, through residential treatment centers, Marty has continued to run until she reaches the "living room" of the world's most famous train station

Here she finds freedom, friends, dignity, drugs, and a kind of hopelessness few American young people can imagine

Grand Central Station is a play about survival and what happens to young people with dreams when the odds are stacked against them

Written in two acts with no scene breaks, the action of the story is bridged by Marty's inner voice which narrates her psychological journey from a confident beginning to a tragic end

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