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Idea From a Friend - A Play with Songs

7 Male, 1 Female

Allan Steven & Mike Smith Price: $8.95

Mrs. Melly receives little of the co-operation she requires from her class of teenage girls when attempting to start rehearsals for a Nativity play. Once she has left the room, however, the mysterious Jack appears and the situation changes radically as some of the girls reveal aspects of their character which none of their classmates had expected. "Though not conceived as a religious work," writes the author, "the play uses that most famous of stories as a vehicle for exploring moral and social issues in education, putting teachers' attitudes under the microscope whilst simultaneously exploding the myth that girls are all sweetness and light."

Suggested Age Range: 12 - 16. Running Time: 80 - 90 minutes. Music: Four songs which give enhanced dramatic effect. Set: A school classroom - but a large acting space; could be performed "in the round".

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