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I Never Saw Another Butterfly - MUSICAL

8 Male, 5 Female


This new musical version of Celeste Raspanti's widely produced Play brings an added dimension to the story of the children of Terezin, a ghetto under Nazi rule during World War II

Though few of the children survived, their lives were given meaning and hope through the tireless efforts of an inspirational teacher, Irena, who challenged their creativity and artistry in a makeshift classroom using scavenged materials which she kept hidden from the authorities

More than 5,000 drawings, poems and prose pieces were produced by the children in the concentration camp during its three-year existence, thus providing a legacy that continues to be honored and celebrated today

As narrated by one of the survivors - and close friend of Irena - Raja takes the audience on a never-to-be-forgotten adventure that moves seamlessly back-and-forth between past and present

The Musical is rich in its variety of songs - Score available For Hire only

Runs about 90 minutes

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