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+ I Love My Wife

6 Male, 2 Female

Michael Stewart & Cy Coleman Price: $7.50

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A musical that takes place in Trenton, N.J.?

Yes - and a delightfully funny one too. It's about a would be menage a quatre - two couples who want to plunge into liberated mutual sexuality but only manage to get their toes wet

The masculine pair of the foursome are Wally, a public relations man; and his friend Alvin, who's in the furniture moving business. Their respective wives in this escapade are Monica and Cleo

What is truly innovative about the show is putting the musicians on the stage - not merely to play their instruments

Actually they are welded into the play, they sing, dress up in fancy clothes and keep commenting on the action


"Bright, inventive, and breezy ... vastly diverting and highly amusing" ~ N.Y. Times

"Tasteful marriage of music, laughs and all around fun ... best new entertainment this year ... lovable" ~ WABC TV

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