I Do, I Do, I Do

I Do, I Do, I Do $9.99

Robin Hawdon

Published by Samuel French Inc

3 Male 3 Female

Wealthy banker's daughter Diana has it all ...

Beautiful, intelligent, sweet-natured

The sort of girl all men swoon over

There are three men in her life ...

Jamie, the much envied man to whom she's officially betrothed

Tom, the attractive boyfriend of Jamie's sister

And Geoff, her oldest friend who is to be best man

Diana's problem is that she finds herself having promised marriage to all three!

How can she decide?

What matters most?

Familiarity, suitability, sexual passion?

And can she make up her mind in time for the big society wedding?

Mother and bewildered banker's wife, Ann, finds herself having to act as negotiator, counselor, traffic controller, legal adviser, judge, jury and fortune teller to a household of distraught people

Tension mounts, and it's only at the final curtain we discover who Diana chooses

This romantic British comedy is similar in style to the great classic The Philadelphia Story (High Society) and can easily transpose to an American setting

The Cast

ANN - 50ish, elegant
JAMIE - 30, her son, individual
HOLLY - 26, his sister, ditto
DIANA - 27, his bride-to-be, stunning
GEOFF - 30, his best man, good man
TOM - 30ish, his sister's boyfriend, ditto


"Turbulent romances with complications ... which provoked huge laughter at it's world premiere ... an intricate premise with a suspenseful conclusion, and in between dramatic fireworks full of surprises in both plot and dialogue" ~ Bonner Rundschau

" ... all the complexities of emotional relationship are an intriguing delight right up to the final curtain" ~ General Anzeiger

"... colourful characters ... lively and lightning fast dialogue" ~ Express Bonn

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