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How To Act

1 Male, 1 Female

Graham Eatough Price: $16.95

A compelling and intriguing one-act two-hander

Internationally renowned theatre director Anthony Nicholl has travelled the globe on a life-long quest to discover the true essence of theatre

Today he gives a masterclass

Promise is an aspiring actress and has been hand-picked to participate

What unfolds between them forces Nicholl to question all of his assumptions about his life and art

How to Act explores the contemporary realities of personal, cultural and economic exploitation through two individuals drawn together in the theatre

Both believe in truth

But each has their own version of it

Runs about an hour


★★★★ "A disturbing study of power and its abuses in the arts and beyond ... a riveting hour of theatre, as uncomfortable and demanding as it is rich in meaning" ~ ' The Scotsman

★★★★★ "The audience donít even know it, but the script is wrapping them around its little finger, expertly exploiting their most basic assumptions of what is real and what is false ... You let your guard down, leaving yourself unprepared for the twists to come ... How To Act is one of those productions that tinkers with our most fundamental beliefs in theatre. It offers a compelling plot, thought-provoking lessons, and radical structure all at once. An easy choice for anyone seeking out the cutting edge of drama" ~' All Edinburgh Theatre

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