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How I Got That Story

2 Male, 0 Female

Amlin Gray Price: $9.99

The scene is "Ambo Land" (Vietnam) where a naive young Reporter from Dubuque encounters the Historical Event — a second actor who portrays some twenty one characters, including several anxious to cover the war in all its aspects

The Reporter plunges into the surreal madhouse that it has become, interviewing foul-mouthed G.I.s; a teenage prostitute; the sinister lady ruler of the country

A Buddhist monk about to immolate himself; and many others - all played by the Historical Event - in a brilliant kaleidoscope of interlocking scenes

He joins a combat patrol; goes off on a bombing mission; is injured by shrapnel and, in the end, becomes so radicalized that he spurns his job and "goes native." Deeply ironic, the play coalesces its graphic horrors and unsettling revelations into an ingenious mosaic which, for all its wild humor, constitutes a crushing indictment of the mass insanity which is war

Winner of the Obie Award. This stunningly original black comedy sums up the incongruity and tragedy of our experience in Vietnam.

"…an explosion of young talent—and a bracing demonstration of what such talent can do when everything goes right" — NY Times

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