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How Green Was My Brownie (Support Your Local Elf)

6 Male, 5 Female

Jack Sharkey Price: $9.99

A bit of madness is loose in the Flinder house. Winifred Flinder, supposedly just out of the hospital, insists she was living it up in Paris. Her husband thinks she is planning to go into the convent, while their daughter Bonnie suspects both of her parents are nuts

The nurse thinks the neighboring piano teacher is a great pediatric surgeon and the gynecologist gratefully accepts payment for an operation he may not have performed

Add to this a general handyman who insists the brownies have it in for the Flinders, a housekeeper who expects to be murdered in her bed, a neighbor whose purse contains anything from crowbars to teddy bears and an unsolicited appearance by the Headless Horseman and you have this jolly jaunt through a superstition ridden environs where anything can happen and eventually does

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