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House of Games - Making Theatre for Everyday Life

Chris Johnston Price: $22.95

Full of games and exercises, House of Games is an immensely valuable resource book for drama leaders, facilitators and theatre directors

Whether the drama group is based in a youth club or a theatre, a hospital or a community hall, this book offers strategies for developing improvisations and productions which are rooted in the everyday experiences of group members

House of Games is divided into three sections:

Foundations - the essential understandings which underpin drama work

Facilitation- the responsibilities and challenges of facilitating a group

Animations - games and exercises for impro, narrative, imagework, movement and devising performance


"This is an excellent resource book for anyone involved in participatory drama" ~ Guild of Drama Adjudicators

"It is friendly, accessible, well structured and full of good advice - much of it plain common sense... Reading it is like being in a room buzzing with relaxed and informed conversation about basic principles, and good ruses for realising both general and specific aims" ~ Mick Wallis, Theatre Research International

"House of Gamesis a book I will return to and learn much from" ~ Dorinda Hulton, Studies in Theatre Production

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