Horror Movie 101 - Failing Can Be Deadly

Horror Movie 101 - Failing Can Be Deadly $14.99

Steven Stack

Published by Theatrefolk

2 Male 5 Female

This great-value collection of five haunting, horrifying, harrowing and humorous scenes will keep you laughing as you keep your eyes covered

Surviving your teenage years is difficult enough

But in St. Claire, where teens continually violate the rules of Horror Movie 101, it's practically impossible

You know the rules ...

Never open a door if someone knocks after the lights go out

If your car runs out of gas and a girl on the side of the road asks you to take her home to mother - don't

Haunted houses are never a good idea

And neither are cabins in the middle of the woods

And if you use an ancient burial ground to bring someone back, they'll come back wrong

Everyone knows that

Those are the rules

And Failing Can Be Deadly!

These are the five short plays in the Collection ...

David and Delaney's Guide to the Perfectly Nifty Prom - M1, F2

David and Delaney have been planning for the perfectly nifty prom since they were six

And everything was going according to plan... until Delaney died

But will the day be saved by a well-manicured ancient burial ground?

Runs about 15 minutes - Simple set

The Girl on the Side of the Road M1,F3

Cal and Jane end up stranded on a dark and lonely road

They make the unfortunate decision of helping a girl who only wants to get home to Mother

Runs about 10 minutes - Simple set

Heirlooms - M1,F2

Tara and Dane find themselves in possession of the legendary "hook hand"

And learn that "finders keepers" is not always what it's cracked up to be

Runs about 15 minutes - Simple set

Isolation - F5

Karen wants to have one more get together with her sister and some of their friends before she graduates

But an unexpected (and unseen) guest is waiting for all of them

Runs about 15 minutes - Simple set

The One - M2,F4

A group of friends end up at a haunted house

In a room that may or may not actually exist

Where they're faced with a decision that could doom one of them

Or all of them ...

Runs about 15 minutes - Simple set

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