Hope is the Thing with Feathers & Two Other Short Plays

Hope is the Thing with Feathers & Two Other Short Plays $13

Richard Harrity

Published by Dramatists Play Service

2 Female

Hope is the Thing with Feathers ~ The plot revolves about the ridiculous and tragic efforts of a group of tramps and other down-and-outs to catch a duck on a lake in Central Park and cook it

The efforts which the various derelicts make to achieve their petty ends are presented and combined in masterly comic fashion. The contrast between the assorted group of misfits and the ridiculous game they pursue forms the basis of this uproarious play

Beneath the mere externals, there runs of course a savage and ironic commentary on mankind. In volume with two other plays (M9)

Originally produced at the Playhouse in New York

Gone Tomorrow ~ A riotous comedy of Irish family life in America. Uncle Hughie lies upstairs at the point of death, his family downstairs wondering about his property

The old man, who is a willful and stubborn character, refuses however to die, and furthermore, he has his own ideas about what he will do with his property (M5,F2)

An uproarious bit of character comedy. In volume with two other plays

Home Life of a Buffalo ~ Living in a cheap hotel are Eddie and his wife and their young son, Joey. They are a vaudeville team who have reached what looks like the end of their futile artistic career

The irrepressible Eddie will not face realities, whereas his wife insists that vaudeville is dead. There is, however, the child Joey to think of. Joey needs an education. But his father still thinks of the lad as a future vaudevillian

At last even Eddie is forced to a realization that the future holds nothing for any of them. He therefore prepares an elaborate suicide by turning on the gas, but while making plans for this last exit, he gets a marvelous inspiration for a new "act"

He turns off the gas, wakes up his wife and son and the three of them go into a mad rehearsal, ready to face the future with confidence (M3,F2)

A funny and touching play

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