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Home, Iím Darling

3 Male, 3 Female

Laura Wade Price: $14.95

** 10% DISCOUNT **

Winner Olivier Award for Best New Comedy 2019

How happily married are the happily married?

Every marriage needs a little fantasy to keep it sparkling

But behind the gingham curtains, being a domestic goddess isnít as easy as it looks Ö

A dark comedy about sex and cake

And the quest to be the perfect 1950s housewife


"Sharp, funny, and sad" ~ The Independent

" ... a timely analysis of the gender divide, which manages to ask important questions about what women might want and how they might successfully find it" ~ The Guardian

" ... an intriguing study of marriageís reliance on role-play, as well as an original, sometimes unsettling look at the masks people put on in order to conceal their pain" ~ Go London

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