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Holy Laughter

3 Male, 5 Female

Catherine Trieschmann Price: $9.99

All communities have their eccentricities, but none more hilarious than St. Michael’s Episcopal Church

On her first Sunday behind the pulpit, newly appointed priest Abigail touches on vodka, bondage and death before forgetting her message entirely

Lloyd, an elder member of the vestry, wants to use his tithe to purchase the choice of liturgy and music

Noah, a young choreographer, thinks liturgical dance can save the church

Esther, a middle-aged hippie, is willing to accept the church’s help with refugee resettlement, as long as no one mentions Jesus

And Martine just needs one more collection taken up to help her errant nephew in Haiti

Can Abigail unite this motley crew and save the church from financial and spiritual ruin?

Her supportive bishop believes a glass of scotch and a little pep talk will do the trick

Vivienne - a rival pastor and purveyor of the prosperity gospel - is ready for St. Michael’s to shutter its doors completely so she can purchase the organ

Abigail’s not entirely sure what God thinks

Every time she tries to pray, dirty limericks pop into her mind and plastic fish fall from the sky

As Advent approaches, the church boiler goes kaput, and the church’s one convert, Myra, proves to have a hidden agenda

Abigail gives into one wild night that sends her down a tunnel of doubt and fear, and it looks like the church may fall apart completely

But Advent has a way of turning fiascoes into blessings, and as Christmas approaches, Abigail and her congregation manage to find joy amidst the chaos

Hymns, liturgical dance and wicked tongues lift this struggling congregation to wild comic heights

Runs about 120 minutes - flexible Cast

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