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Hold Me!

2 Male, 3 Female

Jules Feiffer Price: $9.99

Blending together a series of sketches, skits and vignettes, this delightful revue peoples the stage with the engaging and all-too-human characters made famous through the authorís renowned cartoons

The theme is the plight of todayís city dweller, and the hang-ups, personality difficulties, identity crises and assorted mishaps which beset those trapped in what may begin as urban confusion but all too often ends as urban anguish

Staged with the utmost simplicity, and with each performer assuming a variety of roles, the play abounds in warmth and humor, and in the sad/funny truths that, in the final essence, are the very stuff of life

A long run Off-Broadway success, this incisive and joyously funny revue by America's noted humorist and social satirist probes hilariously into the doubtful joys and small terrors of urban living. "...chemically pure, perfectly proportioned, out of its mind and devastatingly funny" - NY Times

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