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Here There and Everywhere

3 Male, 2 Female

Jason Milligan Price: $9.99

8 Site-Specific Comedy Plays ...

Exodus from McDonaldland - M2,F1

Originally commissioned by Playwrights Theatre of New Jersey, this wacky comedy premiered in a furniture showroom. A salesman trying to sell a livingroom suite to newlyweds combats the the husbands's fanatical devotion to his job as a McDonald's manager

The Genuine Article - M2

This jaunty comedy chronicles the misadventures of a rural con artist masquerading as a traveling faith healer and his none to bright sidekick. As they rehearse their chicanery just before a revival meeting, their duplicity turns to awe the bogus healer may be able to heal after all

Getting Even - M2

This comic dialogue with crazy surprise turns premiered in a car showroom. Two guys seeking revenge are thrown together by bizarre circumstances. They eventually realize that teaming up is their best alternative

Juris Prudence - M3,F2

this courtroom farce premiered in an actual county courthouse. A gullible young woman has been bamboozled by a shifty attorney into pressing a suit for restitution against the National Weather Service. The claim? She has been disabled by an unpredicted weather phenomenon: a bathroom tornado. In a pretrial meeting, wacky witnesses chip away at the injured party's promised windfall

Less Said, The Better - M2,F1

This play premiered in a train station. Two eccentric hit men grumble about having to work on New Year's Eve. Their assignment: to "take care of" an enchanting female traveler. Are these tough guys up to the task?

Rivals - M2,F1

this play premiered in a bank. A down on his luck inventor has been turned down for a loan all over town. His last resort is an ex rival from long ago who is now a hotshot bank executive. The banker is merciless until the inventor gets the upper hand, once and for all

Strange as It May Seem - M1,F2

this humorous and ultimately touching play premiered in a soup kitchen. Two women, a teacher and one of her past students, run into each other in an urban soup kitchen on New Year's Day. Though it seems both are there to help feed the homeless, one of them is in dire need and too proud to admit it.

Waiting for Ringo - M3

This upbeat comedy, originally written to be performed in a diner, chronicles a night in the life of three members of a third rate Beatles tribute band. How long can they keep putting on flea bitten wigs and frayed suits and doing their act? It depends on which of them is asked and their answers are at turns hilarious and touching

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