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Habeas Corpus

6 Male, 5 Female

Alan Bennett Price: $12.99

A gorgeously vulgar farce that is a downright celebration of sex and the human body

In the home of Dr. Arthur Wicksteed wild and wicked things go on in a Feydeau style fashion

Along with the lecherous doctor, the cast includes his mountainous wife, a celibate curate who is engaged to the doctor's flat chested spinster sister, a cantilevered sexpot, an invertebrate hypochondriac and an arrogant colonialist

Identities are mistaken, wires crossed and into this mad fun house comes a falsie fitter summoned by the flat chested spinster

Needless to say things get sorted out in the end, but not without a lot of hilarity along the way


"A parade of wit" ~ N.Y. Times

"A marvelous freaky farce... rowdy and ribald" ~ NBC

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