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+ Great Britain

Large Mixed Cast

Richard Bean Price: $9.75

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"Thatís what we do. We destroy peopleís lives on your behalf"

So purrs hot and sexy news editor Paige Britain in Richard Beanís follow up to his multi-award winning One Man, Two Guvnors

It's a fast and furious, anarchic, foul-mouthed satire about the Press, the Police and the Political Establishment

Paige Britain is the ambitious, morally-bankrupt young news editor of The Free Press - a trashy tabloid newspaper locked in a never-ending battle for more readers

She has little time for rules

And she'll screw anything and anyone Ė including the Prime Minister Ė to get to the top

Meanwhile her world-famous proprietor relentlessly and ruthlessly uses his political influence to further his many business and media interests

M15,F5 (doubling possible)


"A timely look at the tangled relationship between the press, politicians and the police. Itís barbed and very funny" ~ Evening Standard

"Blessedly funny. Bracing topicality. Richard Bean doesnít do things by halves" ~ Guardian

"Laughter-making on an industrial scale. The NT is on exhilarating and exemplary form" ~ Independent

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