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+ Grease - SCRIPT

Large Mixed Cast

Jim Jacobs & Warren Casey Price: $7.50

** 25% DISCOUNT **

The rock and rolling world of 1950s high school is captured in this famously energetic musical love story

The first day at Rydell High brings Danny back for his senior year, and he returns to his cool, leather-jacketed image as the leader of the T-Birds

His friends, Kenickie, Doody, Sonny and Putzie are eager to hear how Danny spent his summer vacation. Meanwhile, Sandy has been transferred to Rydell and she's introduced to the Pink Ladies - the T-Birds female counterparts - Rizzo, Frenchy, Jan, and Marty who egg Sandy on to tell them about her summer romance

But Rydell High's faculty are somewhat less eager for their students to relive summer thrills and it's back-to-work time

Principal McGee welcomes back to school both students and faculty and tells them that Rydell has been selected by National Bandstand Television as the representative American high school where their national dance-off will be telecast ...

The Full Score, Vocal Selections, and can be purchased separately by clicking here

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