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+ Grandpa Hangs the Holly

Large Mixed Cast

Don Elser Price: $7.50

++ 25% DISCOUNT ++

A warm family drama set on Christmas eve ...

Ever since tragedy befell Grandpa Howard on Christmas Eve 25 years earlier, he makes life miserable for everyone including himself

He won't let Mrs Howard borrow his car for a fund-raising drive

And he won't listen to a plea from Mr Howard and daughter Susan to borrow money for a very important business deal for Susan's boyfriend

Young Larry and the neighborhood pest, Betty, are constantly running afoul of Grandpa's temper

Pathos and fantasy come from Grandpa's dreamy reminiscing over the beautiful girl who was once his wife

And humor arises from the hilarious actions of Larry and Betty

Grandpa contributes his share of humor, too

And some sensible philosophy when at the end he does an about face and shows what the Christmas spirit really is

M4,F7 + Extras

Single set, runs about 90 minutes

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