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Good Morning Athens

Large Cast Male, 1 Female

Sean Keogh from Aristophanes' Lysistrata Price: $9.99

Inspired by Lysistrata, this rollicking musical puts a contemporary spin on the effects of the Peloponnesian War on Greece

It begins shortly after the wedding of Cassandra and Makareus, when Jason and General Tantalos arrive to draft the groom and take him off to war

On Good Morning Athens - the hottest TV show in ancient Greece - co-hosted by Medea and Aristophanes, Lysistrata confronts her husband, General Tantalos, on the air and demands peace

General Tantalos and Jason refuse, certain that the war they are waging is good for their country and necessary for the world

And so the outraged women of Athens take an oath of celibacy until the war ends

Characters from Greek drama and mythology unite with muses, historians, politicians, writers and celebrities from the Old World in this quest for peace and love

Good Morning Athens is a Kennedy Center/American College Theatre Festival multiple award winner including the Mark Twain Comedy Playwriting Award, the Musical Theatre Award and the National Student Playwriting Award

Flexible set - runs about 2 hours 45 mins

NB - Publishers advise "Strong language and sexual content"

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