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Go Back to Where You Are

5 Male, 2 Female

David Greenspan Price: $9.99

Passalus, a failed actor from ancient Athens now festering in hell, is given the opportunity of redemption by returning to Earth to free a young woman from her domineering mother, Claire, a distinguished stage actress

Passalus accepts the proposal with the understanding that on completing his mission his soul will be annihilated

God agrees – but with the caveat that Passalus not become entangled in the lives of others!

Granted the ability to shape-shift, Passalus assumes the role of a British matron and former actress, arriving at Claire’s summer home during a week-end in which she is hosting friends and family

But Passalus is also equipped to hear the inner thoughts of the characters he encounters – and armed with knowledge of their suffering is unable to remain aloof

He also finds himself falling in love with Claire’s brother, Bernard, the under-appreciated author of eccentric comedies

The play dramatizes second chances in love – and it's love that facilitates the soul’s release from hell into life again


All characters appear on stage throughout, entering scenes as indicated

BERNARD - a playwright
PASSALUS - an actor, demon, assumes the character of Constance Simmons
GOD - played by the actor playing Malcolm
CLAIRE - an actress, Bernard’s sister
CHARLOTTE - an actress, Claire’s friend
TOM - a director, Claire’s friend
WALLY - a director, Claire’s son
MALCOLM - a set designer, Tom’s partner

“A compassionate comedy about an extended family of theater people ... marked by such sympathetic insight into the complicated lives of striving artists” ~ Charles Isherwood, The New York Times

“For all of its incidental humor, Go Back to Where You Are mainly concerns a soul’s last chance to experience love. In the process, Greenspan’s mercurial play blithely transcends chronology and realism as the characters speak directly to the audience, give voice to their unspoken thoughts” ~ Michael Sommers, New Jersey News Room

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