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GMT - Greenwich Mean Time

Chris Martin Price: $13.95

A strong and uncompromising journey and an endorsement of life and of love, this is the novelization of the film "Greenwich Mean Time", starring Hinda Hicks, screenplay by Simon Mirren, produced by Taylor Hackford, and directed by John Strickland. Just out of school, four friends have high hopes and big ambitions. Ready to escape South London, they are forced to confront their lives when one of them has a terrible accident, leaving them in a wheelchair. This causes a fight between the friends as they cope with their emotions and deal with the fallout. The film is a strong and uncompromising journey into some dark emotions, and takes a hard and honest look at friendship. Based on this film, Chris Martin's adaptation superbly evokes the scope and atmosphere of this unique and compelling British film. The book is lavishly illustrated with stills from the production.

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