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Girls Like That

Large Mixed Cast

Evan Placey Price: $12.99

Teenagers and technology collide with perilous consequences as the play confronts sexuality, body image and cyber-bullying

"Flash. click. Buzz. Did you get the picture?"

"Sket, skank, slapper, you deserve everything coming to you"

What would you do if a naked photograph of you went viral and you couldn't stop it?

That's what's happened to teenager Scarlett and soon she becomes the centre of everyone's attention

Rumours run wild and everyone quickly forms an opinion - or two

But Scarlett stays silent

This urgent and explosive play explores the pressures on young people in the wake of advancing technology

Most young people don't see 'sexting' as a problem and they're reluctant to talk to adults about it because they're afraid of being judged or having their phones taken away

Girls Like That has proven hugely popular with schools, youth theatres, and drama groups looking to tackle this vital subject in a dynamic and theatrically exciting way

CAST - Can be All-female (F6-F24) or can include M1-M6


"It's as technically adroit and inflamed a piece as I've seen all year, funny and shockingly frank ... first class theatre" ~ Michael Coveney

“An urgent, powerful examination of how frightening this phenomena [ie sexting] has made the teenage world” ~ National Drama Magazine

" ... a well-written, immaculately crafted and brave piece of energetic theatre" ~ A Younger Theatre

"The young people involved in the production engaged with the themes of the play in a way that affected their lives beyond rehearsals. One cast member told me the play helped her to shape her own opinions about pressures on young women and she believed performing the play would help other people think about the themes too. We had a great response from a range of audience members. Teachers ... students and parents talked to me about how the play had opened up some very important discussions" ~ Gemma Woffinden, Youth Theatre Director at West Yorkshire Playhouse

"Shades of a technologically sophisticated Lord of the Flies ... seriously impressive ~ Yorkshire Post

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