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Theresa Ikoko Price: $14.95

"Why is everyone so bloody obsessed with hashtags? What on earth do you want to do with a hashtag? Can you use it to shoot your way out of here?"

Tisana, Ruhab and Haleema are three normal teenage girls who have been best friends forever

But when they are kidnapped from their hometown in Nigeria, each must find their own way to survive

Girls explores enduring friendship and girl-hood

And the stories behind the headlines that quickly become yesterday's news

This funny and fiercely passionate play is a Verity Bargate Award finalist and winner of the Alfred Fagon Award (2015) and George Devine Award (2016)


★★★★ ôScorchingly intelligent and as powerful as a gut punch" ~The Times

★★★★ " ... clever, audacious, entertaining and full of promise" ~ Time Out

★★★★★ " ... deals with topics that could be uncomfortable, but handles them deftly, with humour and style" ~ Stage Talk

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