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Gettysburg - Brothers at War - PERFORMANCE PACK

Large Mixed Cast

Anthony James Price: $99.95

John and Richard Thomson are two brothers living in America at the time of the Civil War

Both feel very strongly about the war and go off to sign up for their respective armies - John for the Unionists and Richard for the Confederates

They meet up again at the small Pennsylvanian town of Gettysburg and are forced to fight against each other in one of the major battles of the war

It ends with them making up and vowing to return home together after Richard is injured in the battle

The story also focuses on Jennie Wade, a friend of the Unionist soldiers who was the only Gettysburg citizen to be killed during the battle

Characters - 7 main parts, 9 soldiers, 5 others, (number of soldiers is flexible but nine have spoken lines)


The Script

An Art Pack - containing instructions as to how to design and construct the scenery, make the costumes and recreate the props

Music Score - score for piano which usually includes guitar chords

Music CD - fully orchestrated Backing Tracks which can be used for performance & rehearsal


We Are The Breadmakers

The other Songs are ...

  • This Time Of War - The Thomson Family
  • The Mighty Unionist Army - Unionist Soldiers
  • The Confederate Army - Confederate Soldiers
  • The Civil War? - Mr. and Mrs. Thomson
  • Our Town - Jennie Wade, Mrs Mclellan, Margaret & Paul Copp
  • The First Encounter - Soldiers (Unionist & Confederate)
  • A Song for Jennie - Mother & Mrs Mclellan
  • The Battle - All Soldiers
  • Why Did It Come To This? - John & Richard Thomson
  • Home - The Thomson Family
  • Freedom! - All

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