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Future, Here

Jeremy F Richter Price: $8.95

Welcome to Future, an unincorporated village being monitored by Society

The village population — five randomly selected children — is driven by a national effort to develop “appropriately adapted young citizens”

Upon arriving, the residents are given a book bag of supplies and a smartphone

The smartphone is their only connection to mainstream America and is constantly fed with a steady stream of news, entertainment and culture

At the end of each day, the residents meet to share what they’ve learned

A countdown clock looms over the meeting area and continues counting down

Having lived in Future for 12 years, the residents are now 18

Now it's their last day together

Their final meeting under the clock

Their book bags are well-worn, their smartphones are in need of an upgrade

And today, at 00:00:00, they will learn of their next residence outside of Future

5 Actors either gender

One-act - runs about 40 minutes

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