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Fry - Plays One - The Lady’s Not for Burning & A Yard of Sun & Siege

Christopher Fry Price: $21.95

In this volume, Christopher Fry's original stage work and his most famous play The Lady's Not for Burning - 'Spring' in his set of 'Seasonal Plays' - is joined by the 'Summer' play A Yard of Sun

Celebrated for the sensuousness and joyous wit of its language, The Lady's Not for Burning is a key play in the revival of verse drama in the 1940s and the scale of its success made Fry one of the most famous playwrights of his day

A Yard of Sun is Fry's last full-length stage play and is set in Siena just after the end of World War Two

Without ignoring the struggles and privations of war, the play is funny, touching and ultimately optimistic

Based on the medieval story of Aucassin and Nicolette and conceived as a form of 'pageant', Siege with its mixing of verse and prose, sprawling structure, employment of different speech patterns and deliberately contemporary touches, gives a unique insight into Fry's development as a stage-craftsman

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