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From Stage to Screen - A Theatre Actor’s Guide to Working on Camera

Bill Britten Price: $24.95

The camera can see into a character's soul, revealing their innermost thoughts and emotions

Screen acting requires a more rigorously truthful and spontaneous performance than the stage, as well as very different technical expertise

From Stage to Screen is a handbook for the professional actor packed with advice on how to make the transition and fully prepare for a TV or film role

The book is divided into four sections ...

The first examines the actors' internal resources the skills and abilities the actor must cultivate to be able to transfer their talent to the screen

The second section addresses the external resources the relationship between the performer and the camera and how it differs from that of the actor and the stage audience

The third section lays bare what actually happens during the process of filming and details both the absolute professionalism required of screen actors and the massive preparation they must do before setting foot on set

And the final section features interviews with stars who have successfully made the transition from stage to screen, and who share their own personal approach and technique

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