From Marriage to Divorce - Five One-Act Farces of Marital Discord

From Marriage to Divorce - Five One-Act Farces of Marital Discord $19.99

Georges Feydeau trans Laurence Senelick

Published by Broadway Play Publishing

It was Feydeau himself who suggested that these five one-acts be published under the title From Marriage to Divorce and this collection brings these hilarious plays together in English for the first time

Loosely based on the failure of Feydeau's his own marriage, the plays were greatly admired in his time - described by one prominent critic as "insane merriment, inextinguishable laughter"

With DEAD WRONG Feydeau launched a new genre - the marital farce, the hell of couples

"And like the very great comic writers," another critic noted, "Feydeau knows how to make the public laugh at his personal bitterness"

The five one-act comedies are ...


A husband and wife stay together by force of habit, their relationship based on nothing solid. The wife's aggression and bitterness and the husband's selfishness and irresponsibility are revealed, and their ferocious animosity unleashes such powerful comedy that it obscures the underlying darkness

Runs about 60 minutes

POTTY FAVORS - M4,F3 + 1 Child

Inspired by Feydeau's wife's obsession with giving the children laxatives, especially his eldest son, Jacques, every character is despicable for their moral cowardice and egoism, providing a hopeless (but hilarious) environment for child-rearing

Runs about 50 minutes


What to do about a wife going around the apartment in her nightie until lunchtime?

Runs about 40 minutes


Trapped in a misalliance, a husband is set upon by his wife, his in-laws, and the midwife

Runs about 50 minutes


This was the last play of Feydeau to be produced in his lifetime where the dentist's chair offers a dose of sadistic hilarity

Runs about 45 minutes

Distinguished translator Laurence Senelick has taken care to preserve all of Feydeau's stage directions as sure guides to staging the plays for maximum effect

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