Fresh Brewed - Tales from the Coffee Bar

Fresh Brewed - Tales from the Coffee Bar $10.99

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Henry Meyerson

Published by Samuel French Inc

2 Male 2 Female

Fresh Brewed is a collection of eleven plays set in a coffee bar

They all use the same set of two small tables and four chairs

And they can all be performed by two male and two female actors in various combinations from a monologue to two quartets

The Plays are ...

No Prune - 1m, 1f
Can two needy people find happiness over a cherry Danish?

Morning Coffee - 2m, 1f
A man needs to be left alone to read his newspaper and drink his morning coffee

Hierarchy - 2m
What is the relative hierarchy between friends when one guy is dating the other's wife?

Him - 2f
Two women rehearse their break-up, but only one knows it

Betty - 1f
A caffeine junky, needing a fix, tells a strange tale

This Has Been Some Day - 2m, 2f
A coffee house may not be the perfect place to hold a wake

Class - 1m, 1f
Having class depends on how far a person has to go to get it

Hopeful Alice - 1m, 1f
Maybe it's the caffeine, but not all relationships are meant to last

George And Martha - 1m, 1f
Grass maybe cooler than caffeine, but kinky sex is the best

Happy Birthday - 2m
Once a week coffee can even strain a twenty-year friendship

I Feel Swell - 2m, 2f
Learn what might have fueled Ethel Merman's boundless energy


"... an incredible 55-minute show that held my interest every minute. These eight short vignettes, with four actors playing various roles, were real "slice of life" and so fascinating, you had the impression that maybe 15 or so actors were taking partI love good writing as much as I love good songwriting, so it was double my pleasure this time out. This is not quite a 'family show' so parents be advised. But it is a comic evening with a twist - there are truly thoughtful insights interspersed with the clever, humorous dialog. Truly, not to be missed!" ~ Stu Hamsta's Cabaret Hotline

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