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French Quarter - The Sounds & Sights & Rhythms of the Legendary French Quarter in Contemporary New Orleans in Thirteen Dazzling Half-hour Episodes - 7 CDs

Various Price: $49.95

Featuring a cast of fifty professional actors, including David Ossman of the Firesign Theatre, this fully-dramatized audio theatre series takes you on a rich and vital journey with some of the most interesting people in the Quarter -

Liam - owner & operator of Le Cheveaux du Chien, the most authentic Irish Channel pub this side of the pond

McGaffey - the seasoned New Orleans detective who, on one fateful evening, lets his passion for justice get ahead of his better judgment

Stony - the Tulane folklore professor whose love of the city and its tales embodies the very spirit of New Orleans

Sadie - his innkeeper wife, a warm, ambitious, and accomplished woman with a love of art and a love of jazz, is the heart of the Bayou Leave Bed & Breakfast

Iris - the spiritual heart of the age of Gaia, the most authentic New Age shop in the Quarter

Marie - Iris' pragmatic partner (in every sense of the word)

Jorge - the beleaguered process server, an incurable romantic trapped in the body of a civil servant

Rachel - the former New York socialite who discovers her true self and destiny on the bayou

Bronwyn, the Gary - Indiana homicide detective, recently transferred to New Orleans work in the heart of the Quarter

Their tales are those of joy, growth, adventure, love, folly, despair ... and the occasional alligator! French Quarter was written & produced by audio artists who have a deep and genuine love for the city. It also features the music of New Orleans legend Patrick O'Flaherty

Told in thirteen half-hour episodes, French Quarter brings you seven hours of the best contemporary audio theatre available today. This set, presented on seven compact disks, also features a collection of out-takes, a message from the director, and a selection of some of the original music.

If you'd like to hear a few of the opening minutes click here

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