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Jon Fosse

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Norwegian Jon Fosse is Europe's most produced playwright with 900 productions staged in more than 40 languages

Fosse has been called 'the Beckett of the 21st century' (Le Monde), and just as Beckett's plays - and those of all great playwrights - grew out of their time, and influenced the current styles of drama, and were part of what brought their times forward, so do Fosse's plays now

Fosse - Plays Six marks the culmination of this Norwegian playwright's body of work for the stage to be published in the English language.

The volume includes the following plays


Two people. One finds it difficult to speak. The other attempts to understand. But what is Rambuku? Or who is Rambuku?


There is a sense of otherness in Fosse's work that challenges our notions of a concept such as 'freedom'. This play questions if freedom, as we often understand it, is perhaps a prison.

Over There

A woman follows a man to his death. But do they see the same images on the way to the top of the mountain?

These Eyes

A snapshot of the dreamlike state of life. The characters exist in an in-between space which becomes their reality

Girl in Yellow Raincoat

An examination of our collective weakness, and the fragility of children. It asks questions about notions surrounding fear

Christmas Tree Song

A man celebrates Christmas alone (and reflects in a somewhat ironic way) on his life as he attempts to put up a Christmas tree.


A group of people gathered in a kind of limbo, on a ship, disappearing into something unknown

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