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Force Continuum

6 Male, 2 Female

Kia Corthron Price: $9.99

Three generations of African-American New York City police officers ...

1) twenty-four-year-old Dece, disillusioned and confused in a contemporary world of drug violence and brutality, whose present-day struggles go beyond the routine paradox of being both black and a cop: He and his vaguely racist white partner become indicted in the death of a black female civilian

2) Dece’s deceased parents - a practical, optimistic mother and a father frustrated by racism within the ranks of the force

3) And Dece’s grandfather, a man whose experience has instilled within him the awareness that there is a way out of the carnage and distrust between the African-American and police communities

A jagged, precarious journey whereby all gradually grasp that understanding comes not just through seeing others but hearing

"The creator of this play is a singular voice among American playwrights...exceptionally eloquent..." - NY Times

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