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For the Love of Juliet

2 Male, 2 Female

Luigi Jannuzzi Price: $9.99

A romantic comedy in which the Leading Lady chooses between an imaginary man and a real man in this affectionate tribute to Theatre and the Women in it ...

Julie has dedicated herself to a muse named Romeo who is grooming Julie for a Broadway debut as Juliet in Romeo and Juliet

Alex, the irresponsible love of Julie's life returns from a five year voyage to find himself and now he wants to recapture Julie's heart

To the muse's opposition, Julie goes on a date, and her heart is torn between Alex's apparent love for her and the muse who is always around commenting on Alex's every word

But Alex also has a muse in-training named Ginger, who not only needs a lot of attention, but keeps distracting Romeo because she likes Romeo

So will Julie choose the imaginary man or the real man?

And are imaginary men more helpful and fun?


"A beautiful comedy. A 90 minute trip down a fantasy stream ... An evening of laughter and fun ... A play the whole family can enjoy and you don't have to be a 'theatre person' to appreciate" ~ The Princeton Packet, New Jersey

"Excellent insight into the human heart that keep you chuckling to yourself" ~

"Delightfully funny. I found myself laughing out loud!" ~ The Hillsborough Beacon, New Jersey

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