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Flowering Cherry

4 Male, 3 Female

Robert Bolt Price: $14.95

“Fifteen acres of apple trees in blossom, with a few white hens on the grass, perhaps, and some high white clouds in a blue sky ... it’s a sight for the gods, it’s Shangri-la”

Suburbia, 1957

Jim Cherry sells insurance, but wants to sell apples instead

He dreams of owning an orchard in Somerset and quitting the job he hates

But Cherry is a fantasist and his wife Isobel is at breaking point

As his dream begins to spiral out of control and the gulf between them widens, can she force him to face reality?

Flowering Cherry is the heart-breaking story of a man seduced by his own imagination

Published to mark the first London production in over 50 years

The 1957 West End premiere starred Sir Ralph Richardson and Celia Johnson and was hailed as the "British Death of a Salesman"

Robert Bolt is best known for A Man for All Seasons and the screenplays of Doctor Zhivago and Lawrence of Arabia ...

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