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Flesh and Blood - Oxford Playscripts

Large Mixed Cast

Benjamin Hulme-Cross from Robert Louis Stevenson Price: $15.95

A modern gothic chiller inspired by Robert Louis Stevenson's The Body Snatcher

Lost in the middle of nowhere, Emma, Caitlin, Zack and Danny seek shelter in an abandoned vicarage

Emma recognises the house from her nightmares and begs the others not to enter, but with a storm building they have no choice

As night falls, the vicarage begins to give up its chilling secrets, and century-old tales of murder, revenge and body snatching fill the air

Also includes Robert Louis Stevenson's inspirational short story The Body Snatcher


The Oxford Playscripts series offers exciting and skilful adaptations of modern and classic novels, and a range of original plays and includes ...

* New, innovative activities specifically tailored for Key Stage 3 - 11-14 year old students

* Motivating activities focusing on performance, close text analysis, language and structure, together with varied creative tasks

* Insights into the plays themselves by their popular authors and adapters

* Advice on staging

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