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Farce of Habit

4 Male, 5 Female

Jessie Jones & Nicholas Hope & Jamie Wooten Price: $9.99

Comic fireworks explode in this absurdly funny Southern-fried romp that takes us back to the Reel ’Em Inn, the finest little fishing lodge in the Ozarks

The proprietor, D. Gene Wilburn, is looking forward to a peaceful weekend on the lake

But there are only two chances of that happening

Slim and none

Why, for example, has his wife, Wanelle, picked these three days to white-knuckle her way through caffeine withdrawal?

And why is his son Ty’s marriage to Jenna falling apart so fast?

Could it have something to do with the French can-can costume Ty is wearing?

And how on earth would D. Gene’s feisty sister, Maxie, allow herself to get caught up in such a bizarre undercover police assignment?

And that’s just his family

If this isn’t enough to thwart D. Gene’s weekend plans, he’s got a gaggle of nuns who’ve converged on the Inn, hell-bent on experiencing a nature retreat

Which might be tolerable if D. Gene didn’t have a chronic fear of anything in a habit

Add to this the presence of Jock McNair, a nationally known relationship guru whose colossal ego threatens everyone’s sanity

And a shy Retiree anxious to cut loose and embrace his “inner caveman”

And a couple of wild women who may or may not be who they claim to be

Now throw in the storm of the century that’s fast bearing down on Mayhew, Arkansas

And did we mention there’s an axe murderer on the loose?

If you enjoy gloriously preposterous hilarity, then laughing your way through the take-no-prisoners lunacy of a Jones Hope Wooten comedy is one habit you’ll never want to break!


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